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SHEETROCK® Brand Finishing Tools are designed, tested and manufactured for the professional. With greater balance, easier handling and best-in-class construction, drywall professionals in the USA prefer SHEETROCK tools 2-to-1 over the leading brand! Currently the range comprises professional finishing knifes and mud pans.


SHEETROCK® Brand Finishing Tools come in two different styles:



Revolutionary MATRIX™ drywall finishing knives provide the most advanced features in the industry. With full soft-grip handles and a linear tapered neck, MATRIX™ knives are designed for superior balance and ultimate comfort. And, all MATRIX™ knives incorporate the most versatile hammer available for maximum productivity.


CLASSIC™ drywall finishing knives deliver improved ergonomics and balance for greater comfort and usability. Full soft-grip handles and a linear tapered neck allow more hand positions, and every knife in the series integrates a hammer for a larger striking surface and greater side-striking capability.


MATRIX™ and knives CLASSIC™ feature 4" to 6" blades constructed of long-lasting, high-carbon polished steel. Large knives, available with 8" to 14" blue-steel blades, are sure to make short work of any remaining high spots.


We will not only beat our compeditors on quality tools and parts we will match and even beat them with a higher end tool or part