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  Tapetech Tool Repairs

Labor cost has been cut in half threw December.Tapetech Automatic Taper Repair-Rebuild-1 Hour,Tapetech Corner Finishers-1/2 Hour,Tapetech Flat Box-1/2 Hour,Tapetech Pump-1 Hour which includes removing pump tube from head.One day repair service on all drywall tools-walk in or ship to us.

Ship to our service center :

Drywall Zone Inc  2491 Alluvial #12  Clovis CA 93611 (888.737.9925) 888.7drywall

When you send your drywall taping tools to Drywall Zone inc you are getting a Professional repair or rebuild service from us and no less, most people can work on there tools or out of garages and say they are the best which is is not true, we have been professionally working on automatic taping tools for over 10 years steady with almost all parts in stock to get them out fast and our compeditors work on tools because they have to and is part of there package and go threw people or is not a priority to there company. We have always focused on repairs and less on sales. It has always been this way period.






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