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  Refurbished Tapetech Automatic Taper 05TT or 04TT

Retail price: $1,399.00
Sale Price: $749.00
You save: $650.00 (46%)
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We go threw and replace all wear parts and any hard parts to make these Tapetech tapers run like new we only use genuine Tapetech parts not cheaper made aftermarket parts that look like Tapetech parts like the wheel nyliner bearings are blue not white or the pushrod and sprocket nyliners are gray not white like aftermarket parts they have always been these colors and are true Ames and Tapetech parts. We use the 501 A kit and 502 A kit along with new plunger cup,and includes taper wheels,cable,needle,bearings,nyliners,drum bearing,new screw where needed, this is a complete rebuild over the whole taper and is guaranteed for 90 days after the sale for defective workmanship

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We will not only beat our compeditors on quality tools and parts we will match and even beat them with a higher end tool or part