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  Joest Sandpaper for Porter Cable 7800

Joest Sandpaper for Porter Cable 7800
Retail price: $79.99
Sale Price: $59.95
You save: $20.04 (25%)
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Sandpaper Grit: 
Sander Foam Pad: 
Sample Pack-5 Grits: 

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1. They don't scratch the wall like other discs:
Joest grit particles have more rounded edges to help eliminate scratch marks.  Grit rating is a measure of grain size not sharpness.  For sanding drywall mud, sharp grit is bad!

2. They last much longer:
The Joest sanding disc and foam pad have air passage ways which carry the drywall dust away from the sanding pad to keep the disc cleaner and cooler for longer life.  High speed sanders tend to create heat which strips the glue and sand from the disc.  Use only Joest sanding discs with the Joest foam pad.  It is the only system which has air flow that carries the drywall dust from the sanding surface to the vacuum.

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