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  Insta-Bac Wal-Frog Drywall Clips 4 Pack

Insta-Back(Wal-Frog) 4 Pack
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Insta-Back (Wal-Frog) fasteners eliminate the need to cut gypsum board back to the nearest stud.

Reduce number of joints to be finished. Saves time, eliminates sagging wallboard between trusses. Reduces scrap. 200/box. Insta-back« makes removal and reattachment of any size piece of gypsum board quick and easy.

Fasteners attach to existing board to provide a solid back-up surface for reattaching the replacement piece. Place Insta-back« fasteners along each edge 8"-12" apart and secure Insta-back« by screwing through drywall 3/4" from edge. Screw through patch into Insta-back« 3/4" from the edge. Bend tabs until it snaps off!

This is a 4 pack for one hole or square


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