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  Nebo Super UV CSI LED Flashlight with Compass

Nebo Super UV CSI LED Flashlight with Compass
SKU: N5063
Retail price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.24
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Ultra illumination with the power of 10 ultra bright white LEDS and 5 UV LEDS
• Intensity of the UV LED is 2-3 milliwatt (3.4-3.6V;20MA)(wavelength: 410-415)
• 5 UV LEDS can reveal materials that are not seen through normal lighting
• 15 shock-proof LED lamps are recessed into the CSI LED flashlight's head
• The SUPER CSI Flashlight's LEDs are designed for 110,000 plus hour life; 120,000 MCD Brightness
• 5 1/4" long
• Directional Compass also included
• Laser point travels over 450 yards
• Industrial grade switch, rated for 10,000 on-off operations
• Water resistant, shockproof technology
• Includes limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
• 3 AAA batteries included
• Color: Silver/Aluminum

  • Leak detection (i.e. Freon)
  • Rodent and pet stain detection
  • Gemstone verification
  • Document analysis
  • Currency verification
  • Crime scene investigation to reveal certain bodily fluids
  • The intensity of this 5-1/8" long UV LED is 2-3 milliwatt.
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