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  Nebo CSI Investigator Tactical Flashlight and Laser

Nebo CSI Investigator Tactical Flashlight and Laser
SKU: N5075
Currently Out Of Stock!

18 powerful ultra bright LED's light up with just one click of the black button. The red laser pointer activates when the button is pressed twice. Emergency flasher function is the third click. 6 Powerful UV LED's and 6 Green LED's are revealed with the grey button.


  • 30 powerful LEDS provide superior light
  • 5 Settings including a laser pointer, UV (black) light, 6 green, and flash mode
  • 11 different modes when using both switches
  • Anodized aluminum with a sleek black finish
  • Water-resistant body design
  • Directional Compass on tail of flashlight for survival and outdoor purposes
  • Green flashlight enhances map lines and colors
  • Red Laser Pointer - Travels Over 450 Yards

UV LED's can reveal materials that are not seen through normal lighting.


  • Leak detection (ie Freon)
  • Rodent and pet stain detection
  • Gemstone verification
  • Document analysis and currency verification
  • Crime scene investigation (to reveal certain body fluids)

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