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Since 1890 Marshalltown has been dedicated to bringing contractors and tradesmen the highest quality and most innovative products available. The R2 Tech Laser Controlled Vibrating Screed is the newest addition to the Marshalltown line. It allows smaller contractors to afford a laser screed and be more competitive. The R2 Tech has the ability to save you Manpower, Materials, and Money!

The R2 Tech is a self-leveling vibratory screed with adjustable vibrating control. It has the ability to automatically pitch the screed board depending on the level of the concrete to create a flat, level surface. It can achieve floor flatness (Ff) and floor levelness (Fl) numbers of up to 50 before finishing, and is more efficient and achieves a higher grade than the typical vibratory or hand screed. The R2 Tech is run off of reliable DC power and eliminates the need for grade pins. It’s tough, durable, and weighs less than fifty pounds. It features quick and easy setup and pivoting handles for maneuvering around obstacles.

Finishing slabs using the R2 Tech can be done in almost half the time it would take using a hand or gas powered screed, and with no need to set grade pins or wet slabs. Less manpower and materials means less money being spent and in turn greater profits.

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DustDroid 300 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust - Concrete
DustDroid 300 HEPA Industrial Vacuum For Fine Dust - Concrete

SKU: H0030

Sale Price: $6,995.00

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13242 HEPA Head w/beater bar - meets LEAD requirement
Dustless Technologies HEPA Head w/beater bar- meets LEAD requirement

SKU: D13242

Sale Price: $77.95

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