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  Jobox Drop-Front Piano Lid

SKU: JOB1-684990
Retail price: $1,640.00
Sale Price: $1,195.00
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Jobox Drop-Front Piano Lid Job Site Storage Box (74"L x 30"W x 50"H)

Jobox - Delta Consolidated 1-684990 Drop-Front Piano Lid Job Site Storage Box (74"L x 30"W x 50"H)

Usable cubic feet: 56.5

Drop-Front Piano Boxes feature reinforced door for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment

Full-length stainless steel hinge resists corrosion

Pad-lockable drop down door prevents access to heavy tools and equipment while the piano box is open

Efficient tapered ramp design makes it easy to roll heavy objects into storage

Unmatched Security, Versatility and Durability Site-Vault Security System

Nearly 50% stronger than competitive locking systems:
* 3-Point lock engagement is virtually impossible to bend or pry open
* Fluorescent orange tape indicates when the chest is unlocked
* Bolt cutter proof padlock housing
* Patent Pending

EZ-Loader Skid Bolsters:
* Fork lift-accessible from all sides
* 7-Gauge, one-piece steel bolster construction resists damage when dropped
* Bolsters are fully welded to the box and feature deep embossed reinforcement
* Casters install with 5/16" self-tapping bolts
* Patent pending

Site-Vault Security System:
* 3-Point lock engagement
* Three locking points versus competitive locking systems that only feature two locking points
* Padlock is completely housed in a fully-welded 12-gauge steel casing making it impossible to knock out during an attempted break-in
* Fluorescent orange tape indicates when the chest is unlocked, making it easy to check at night and from a distance
* Patent pending

EZ-Loader Skid Bolsters:
* Forklift accessible from all sides
* Easily load and unload heavy chests from trucks
* Safely move heavy chests to upper levels of buildings
* One piece skid bolster construction reinforces entire box end for heavier load capacity
* Patent pending

2X thicker side walls:
Full pry bar and weather resistant design allows the lid to overlap side walls when closed
Two deep side wall storage bins

Recessed handles:
Extra tall and deep recess areas prevent pinched fingers and damage to the handle

Tilt-N-Stow shelf:
Bottom shelf lifts up and makes it easy to load and unload objects from the base

Gas spring lid lift guard:
Gas springs embedded in sidewall and guard design protect springs, strenthens sidewall and provides 17% more useable shelf space

Staked and welded hinge:
Rugged 14-gauge steel 3/8" continuous hinge with 1/4" steel pin and extra-large 1" knuckles
Staked and welded pin cannot be driven out

Full-Length lock console with three locking points

Recessed handles

Formed lid sides welded to lid bolster resists pry bar entry

Fully staked and welded hinge with 3/8" hinge, 1/4" pin and 1" knuckles

EZ-Loader Skid bolster

Form-in reinforcements strengthen skid bolsters

Door opens a full 90-degrees

Site-Vault with bolt cutter proof lock housing

Fully welded padlock housing

Quick release gas spring removal

Built-in storage bins

Lower front panel to reduce lifting

Tilt-N-Stow shelf

Uses 5/16" self-tapping screws for caster installation

7-Gauge one-piece steel bolster with caster holes

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