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  Blueline Taper Repair 1

Blueline Taper Repair 1

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SKU: BL721
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Blueline Repair 1 is the only one we offer and is the best for your money to have professionally rebuilt. This is a complete repair.

You do not have to pay for this repair until your tool is finished as well. Use "Tool Repair" instead of credit card or paypal upon checkout

1 Creaser Spring

2 Taper Wheels

1 Cutter Blade

1 Bearing

1 Rubber Engage

1 Gooser Needle

1 Bearing Left

1 Roller Axle

1 Cable Spool Washer

1 Bearing Right

1 Creaser Spring

1 Cutter Spring

1 Creaser Cable

1 Plunger Wiper

1 Cotter Pin

1 Piston Cable

2 Bearings

1 Filler Spring

This is a 48 hour turn around and is the only complete taper rebuild kit available


Pay or Pay Later option then ship your tools to one of our service centers:

Drywall Zone Inc

2491 Alluvial #12 Clovis CA 93611 (888-737-9925) M-F 8:300-5:00 PT

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